Thanks for the LOL’s, Unitrends

Thanks to a winter storm, the entire city of Knoxville is covered in ice, and today I found myself at home with an unexpected and exceedingly rare day of “unscheduled closing” from the university. Having spent more than half the night without power or heat, and still feeling the twinges in my back from repeated kickings by our ungrateful toddler, I turned to Twitter in the early morning hours for amusement.  I was not disappointed.

@BackupGal, an evangelist for Unitrends, posted a link to a trivia quiz, offering a free T-Shirt for taking the quiz. Why not, I figured – I’m literally trapped in my house with nowhere to go – I deserve a free T-Shirt.  So I took the quiz, and that’s when the fun began. I’m not going to include screenshots of every question, just the over-the-top funny ones.

I was not aware that vSphere 6 featured a sonic death ray!

2 points for Unitrends here: 1 for the online dating reference, 1 for making me feel old because I had no idea what Tinder was.

We have a problem with rabid pandas in East Tennessee, and kangaroos have always freaked me out – so I’ll take a dozen Unitrends Boomerangs.

I’ll admit to not knowing a ton about Unitrends before today, so I’m not ashamed I only scored a 64% on the quiz. I do hope my poor performance doesn’t harm my chances of receiving the aforementioned free T-Shirt, however.

And just so we’re clear, I don’t know what the answer to that question about vSphere 6 was, but unless it really does include a sonic death ray, I’m officially contesting that “All of the above” was the correct answer.

Thanks for the laughs, Unitrends. You brightened up an otherwise cold and crummy morning!


I was trying out a new blog editor yesterday – one I’ll be reviewing here shortly in a not terribly positive manner – and it seems to have saved my additional edits in a completely separate draft.  Here’s a snippet I added after being called away after our toddler finished his nap yesterday.

More than just Funny Business

I’m pretty sure Unitrends had more in mind when they created this trivia quiz than making people laugh, and in my case they certainly succeeded.  I’d heard of Unitrends before, but honestly didn’t know much about their products.  Now, having enjoyed a few belly laughs thanks to whomever at Unitrends put together this quiz, I’m investigating their products not only to see if they might meet our needs at work, but also to see if they might be something I could review in conjunction with my new podcast.

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