30 Day Blog Challenge Complete

Having completed another 30 posts in 30 days blog challenge in August/September, I decided well in advance of November that I would do another 30 day challenge as my own way of kind participating in NaNoWriMo – or National Novel Writing Month. I’ve never written a novel or anything approaching novel length, preferring to stick to poetry or at most short stories, so I figured committing to cranking out another 30 blog posts in 30 days would be my way of demonstrating I could be disciplined about writing at least something, if not every single day, then 30 discrete posts in a 30 day timeframe.

At about the same time, some other folks in the virtualization community, and specifically in the Virtual Design Master community, decided to take up the 30 day blog challenge as well, having been inspired by Greg Ferro’s post titled – I Challenge Me And You To 30 Blogs in 30 Days. So I had two good reasons to do this, and lots of interesting people to keep me motivated.

Quite a few of the folks whose blogs I already followed participated in this challenge, and I was introduced to many new people I’m now following, both via Twitter and their blogs. If you’re looking for new people to follow, I’d strongly suggest you check out the recap post.

Thanks to all who participated, and thanks especially for the encouragement and kind words as I worked on my own 30 (now 31) posts in 30 days!

This is post 31 in the #NaBloWriMo #vDM30in30 30 Day Blog Challenge

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