iPad Air 2: 24 Hours of Full-Time Use

I’ve spent the last 24 hours living almost exclusively on my new iPad Air 2. I’ll explain what I mean by almost in a bit, but for now, I can say I am satisfied that I can make it through the entire conference without using a “real” computer again, with the exception of the presentation I will be giving 55 minutes from the time that I’m typing this.

I worked on my presentation today using PowerPoint. I could have used Keynote, of course, but I’ll be delivering my presentation using a PC, so I didn’t want any potential headaches with file format translation.


For an hour or so, I tapped away on the on-screen keyboard, but I grew tired of that, especially since I wanted to do a long of inter-line cursor movement, so I pulled out my Apple Wireless Keyboard and increased my productivity quite a bit.


Paired with a good keyboard, I’m much happier using the iPad for non-tablet tasks involving typing or selecting lots of text.

That doesn’t mean everything is perfect, however. I’m not sure if this is a PowerPoint on iOS issue specifically, or an iOS problem in general, but I discovered one thing that I simply was unable to do on the iPad within PowerPoint. I could not select the column border within a table in order to modify the column width. So that’s one little thing I had to tweak on the PC just now as I prepped my file for final delivery.

Something else I’m seeing after using the iPad + Apple keyboard combo is that lugging around a separate keyboard, particularly one that is exposed in my bag or even in my hand, just feels weird. So I believe I need to investigate some sort of keyboard case, particularly one that might allow me to either quickly remove the iPad for tablet-only use, or one that could accommodate the iPad in a separate tablet case.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll post more about my iPad-only conference experience in a couple of days.

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