iPad Air 2: 3 Days In

I’ve had my new iPad Air 2 for 3 days now, and I continue to be impressed with this device. After returning the overpriced Apple leather Smart Case to the Apple Store yesterday, I used it for about 8 hours total without a case at all, and was amazed at how thin and light Apple has managed to make the iPad.

The Case Question – Solved for Now

As I mentioned in my first impressions post, I was not satisfied with the Apple leather Smart Case. It was the only case at my local Apple Store that was definitely made for the Air 2, so I bought it, but it took me less than 24 hour to decide it wasn’t worth the (insane, imo) price of $79. I see these cases as a clear money-grab by Apple, but I wouldn’t begrudge them making a ton of profit per case if they were both useful and good-looking. Since this one wasn’t useful, I returned it. The Apple Store employee asked why I was returning it and I told him the trifold design wasn’t as good as the older 4 panel one. He nodded as if he’d heard this before and said, “Yeah, it doesn’t fold over itself, so it isn’t as stable.”

air2-cheap_caseStill, I needed a case of some kind before leaving town for a conference, so I jumped on Amazon’s website and did a quick search. I found this case by Moko for the low price of $10.95 with free Amazon Prime shipping. It has the same trifold design as Apple’s case, but I decided it would be worth it, even if I just used it for a short period of time while researching other options. I ordered it on Friday afternoon and it arrived today on Sunday. I would say it is no worse than the Apple case, and considering it is $68 cheaper, that’s good enough for me for the time being.

air2-cheap-foldHere’s another shot of the case with the front flap folded over to be used as a stand. It may not be as good as my iPad 3/4 case, but at least as good, and possibly better than the new Air 2 Smart Case from Apple. I say better because the front flap is stiffer than the Apple case, and it didn’t require meticulous folding and refolding the first few times like the Apple case did. Still, I don’t expect much for $11, and as long as this case keeps my iPad from getting scratched in my backpack, I’ll be satisfied with it.

air2-cheap-sideOne final shot here shows a major difference, I think for the better, between the Apple Smart Case and this much less expensive Moko case. The Moko case has a hard plastic back, and it seems to me that it should do a better job of protecting the iPad in the even that I do drop it, especially at the corners. I may be wrong, and I hope to never have a reason to find out.

What’s a Tablet For?

I’ve written about the tablet concept in general, and specifically about how the Windows tablet concept doesn’t work for me before. I haven’t had any experiences to moderate my opinion of Windows tablets, but as I continue to see others, including my wife, make use of iPads to do nearly everything they would do with a “real computer” I have to admit that I may need to reconsider my opinion, especially as it relates to the iPad.

In the last couple of days, I have composed blog posts, typed long emails, edited photos, remotely connected to my office PC, and other tasks I would usually not attempt on a tablet. Partly I’m trying to get used to the thought of using a tablet full-time at an upcoming conference, and partly I’m enjoying the increased speed and functionality of this new Air 2 over my old iPad 4.

What’s Next?

When I leave for this conference tomorrow, I’ll be taking my Dell laptop to use for my presentation – not because I couldn’t deliver Powerpoint or Keynote slides with my iPad, but because I’ll be demoing Windows software during the presentation since 99% of the people attending my presentation will be using a PC at work to get their jobs done. But other than that presentation, I intend to use my iPad for all my note taking, email checking, web browsing, and Twitter during the day. In the evenings, I’ll keep using the iPad for those things and to FaceTime my wife and son back home. I’ll compose the blog posts for the 30 Day Blog Challenge on my iPad as well, although they may be somewhat media lite since the WordPress app seems to be willing to let me add local images to a blog post, but for some crazy reason won’t let me access all of the images I have already uploaded to my WordPress library. After 4 days on the road I should have a good idea if I can continue to make regular heavy use of a tablet like I see so many others doing.

This is post 9 in the #NaBloWriMo #vDM30in30 30 Day Blog Challenge

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