30 Day Blog Challenge Commitment

Note: I’m am not counting this post towards my 30 posts in 30 day commitment.

Several folks I follow on Twitter got excited about the thought of doing a 30 day blog challenge during November, which is also the month for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  I’m not up for working on a single long-form narrative right now, but having completed a 30 day Summer Blog Challenge back in August/September that overlapped with a vacation, I know I can do it again.  I really enjoyed it a few months ago and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it this time.  Many of the folks participating this time will be using the #vDM30in30 hashtag, and I will too, even if I haven’t participated in Virtual Design Master yet.  I’ll also be using the #NaBloWriMo hashtag, since I’d planned on doing this independently during November as an alternative to working on a novel before hearing about the vDM-flavored challenge.

As with the last challenge, I’ll be splitting my blog posts between this blog for IT/Tech topics and my other blog, Geek Food Critic, for Food Blog topics.

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