Why I haven’t moved to Mountain Lion on my work Macs yet

I am running OS X 10.8 on two machines.

My 27″ iMac at home, which serves three purposes:
1.  Importing, quickly editing, and uploading pictures of my boy, like this one http://bit.ly/O9bXA6
2.  Playing Diablo III
3.  Media hub for my house (soon to be replaced by a Mac Mini)
An 11″ MacBook Air  from the office, on which I mainly:
1.  Check email
2.  Take notes
3.  Read things on the web
4.  Remote system administration
Lucky for me, my iMac at home is performing all of its tasks admirably, aside from a screen “mura” issue, which can’t be laid at the paws of a certain Mountain Lion.
But guess what I can’t do on my MacBook Air?  I can’t check my mail.  That’s right – the primary thing I ask of my laptop is something I can’t reliably do right now.  And based on emails I’ve exchanged with folks on our HelpDesk, I’m not alone.
Just a few details.  This is a completely fresh install of 10.8 on a wiped drive, so there are no weird upgrade possibilities here.  Configured to hit my Exchange account, Mail.app worked fine  for a couple of days, then stopped syncing mail.  I’ve actually deleted and re-added my account already – same issue.  In fact, Mail.app kindly saved the mail it stopped syncing on 7/30 and keeps showing it to me.  I suppose I could just keep re-reading my email from 7/30 until I have it all memorized, but that doesn’t strike me as a particularly interesting thing to do. 
So if I want to do email on my Mac laptop right now, I can either use OWA or install Office 2011 and use Outlook.  I’m going for the former, but at some point I’ll need to do more than a few emails and get desperate enough to do the latter.  For now OWA 2010 is good enough.
I actually did switch to Mountain Lion on my 27″ iMac at work last week, after doing a full Super Duper backup of Lion, but had to switch back to Lion after a few days when I discovered a show-stopping issue with the Citrix Receiver that had just been released to officially support 10.8.  This didn’t phase me, as a similar issue kept me on 10.6 for a month or two after 10.7 came out last year.
Could I pour some time and effort into fixing/resolving these issues?  Yeah, I could, but I don’t have the spare time.  I need to do my job, and what that means right now is I’m sticking with 10.7 on the machines that I absolutely need to function properly.  
Someone asked me just last week, “Are you going with 10.8 in the Labs?”  For now, the answer to that question is nope.  Maybe after 10.8.1 hits.
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