Cisco Live 2012 – Links

I’ve read a few other great recap or perspective posts on Cisco Live 2012, so I’d like to link to them here.  I might come back and update this post with other links as I come across them.

Here’s a great post from Seth Mason (@Seth_M) from Cisco.  He writes about what it’s like to present at Cisco Live.

Here’s a monster recap post from Tom Hollingsworth (@networkingnerd).  Tom’s the guy who demoed the Wi-Spy for several of us in the Social Media Lounge.  I think I learned more about WiFi in just a few minutes listening to him and another guy talk than I’ve learned (mostly) just using it for years.

Here’s another long recap post from Jeff Fry (@fryguy_pa).  Jeff offers the perspective of a long-time attendee of Cisco Live and he links to his enormous set of photos he took during the conference, including a great shot of the Tweetup Tom organized after the closing keynote.  You can see me in this shot, standing on part of the second “c” in Cisco.

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