Cisco Live 2012 – Day Two Recap

No time for a full post tonight, as I’m getting back to the room late after a full day and evening.  Speaking as a new dad for whom sleep is a semi-rare thing, I have no idea how so many of the folks here left the Cisco “bacon and waffles” Tweetup at 11:00 with plans to go elsewhere.  I have an early breakfast, a morning meeting, and two speaking sessions tomorrow, so I’ve gotta hit the sack after mentioning the items I will find time to swing back around and discuss at length later.

A.  UCS Deep Dive session – very useful, learned things to help us improve our environment

B.  Keynote – pretty darned impressive.  Walked into it not really knowing who the CEO of Cisco was, and walked out of it thinking I need to expand my wheelhouse to dive more deeply into Cisco’s world.

C.  GE’s FlexPod session – very informative, as was the lengthy chat I had with the speaker, Steve Fearn after the session.  Hope to pick his brain some more, especially along the lines of self-service and automation.

D.  Between session chats, networking, etc with vendors and customers.


More to come.

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