Cisco Live 2012 – Day One Recap

This will be a short post because a) I’m still on Eastern Time and b) back there in Eastern Time I’m still not getting a ton of sleep thanks to my beautiful 15 week-old son.  (You can read about my entrance into Daddyhood here, btw.)

I decided to fly out to San Diego on Monday rather than Sunday, mainly so I could spend another weekend day with my boy.  So I arrived just before 3pm, took a taxi to my hotel, unpacked, and caught the shuttle over to the convention center.  

My first impression of Cisco Live?  Holy crap there are a ton of people here.  I arrived just as the “World of Solutions” expo opened and the crowd was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  Actually, that’s not exactly true.  It was unlike anything I’d ever seen at a tech conference.  The only other time I’ve seen this many people gathered in one place to attend a conference was at a gaming conference I attended in 2008 and 2010, Blizzcon. So yeah, lots and lots of people.

I didn’t have a ton of time to browse the expo hall, so I limited my focus to a handful of must-see areas.  I walked by the Citrix booth first, but figured I would be speaking to these folks more over the next couple days, so I only stayed long enough to get my badge scanned and snag a t-shirt.  I wandered around a bit, listened to an explanation of a product from a company called ExtraHop.  Looks pretty interesting, and I’m sure I’ll be hearing from them when I get back from the conference since they scanned my badge.  No t-shirt, though, but I have plenty.

I hung out in the Cisco Live Lounge and Social Media Hub for a while, mainly just to catch my breath and to try to get my bearings to find the NetApp booth.  I rested for a bit and internally cursed my decision to lug my entire backpack full of tech gadgets (MacBook Air, iPad, chargers for both, battery packs and cases for my iPhone) with me from the hotel, only to be handed another backpack full of stuff when i checked in at registration.  Note to self: pick one lightweight but not weight-free iGadget for tomorrow.  And leave the bottle of grape-flavored water from the airport at the hotel.

I made my way over to the NetApp booth around 6pm, wanting to pick up a signed copy of Vaughn Stewart’s book.  While I was there, I got to meet longtime Twitter pals Friea Berg from NetApp and Amy Lewis from Cisco.  The three of us took a whirlwind tour of the Cisco DC area, and even snapped a quick picture in front of a FlexPod setup by Avnet.

By that point, my body reminded me I was on Eastern Time, so I made a dash up to the second level to see if I could make Speaker Registration before it closed, but I was too late, so I’ll have to take care of that tomorrow.  Would be kinda funny if I couldn’t get into my session on Wednesday because I hadn’t picked up my speaker ribbon for my badge.

So today started a little late and was a little light on content, but tomorrow will more than make up for it.  I’m signed up for a UCS Deep Dive first thing in the morning, and my schedule is packed for the next two and a half days.  I’ll try to post an update after each day, but Tuesday night especially is going to be a late night with the Cisco Data Center Tweetup beginning at 9:30PM.


Here’s a pic of me and Friea Berg from NetApp standing next to a FlexPod.  I think she’s laughing because I had just jerked my thumb at it and said, “Well, it’s nice, but mine’s bigger.”

Friea and mike flexpod

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4 Responses to Cisco Live 2012 – Day One Recap

  1. kg6itcCraig says:

    Thanks for the nice writeup. It was packed today. Great energy to this show so far. Cannot wait to see more of the floor. And thanks for putting up with the west coast, I know we can be a pain with our PST stuff 🙂

  2. Mike Stanley says:

    The energy is impressive and contagious. And hey, I was born in Los Angeles and was stationed at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, so coming back to California feels like coming back home. Just have to get used to seeing the sun shine when my body tells me it is midnight.

    • Craig says:

      Cool! I was stationed in Port Hueneme Navy Base for 4.5 years as a Seabee. Lived in CA for like 15 years, and eventually made my way to Seattle.

  3. friea says:

    yes, that is *exactly* why I was laughing.

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