Cisco Live 2012 – I’ll be there!

I’m excited that I am able to attend Cisco Live this year.  The really cool thing is that I’m not just attending the conference, which would be great in and of itself, I’ve also been asked to co-present with Citrix at one of the partner breakout sessions on my XenDesktop/XenApp implementation.  I’ve always found the customer presentations, especially the ones done by folks in the trenches building and maintaining the systems, to be the most useful at any given conference, so my hope is that folks who attend my session will feel the same way about it.  So if you’re attending Cisco Live, whether in-person or virtually and you’d like to hear more details about the system I’ve helped plan, architect, build, and rollout, my session ID is BRKPCS-4381 and it will run at 4pm PST on Wednesday, June 13.  If you have any questions before or after the session, you can reach me on Twitter (@mikestanley) or via email (mike AT

In addition to my main breakout session, I’ll also be speaking at NetApp’s booth (826) at 1:30pm PST on June 13 about my experience designing and deploying Citrix XenDesktop on FlexPod.  You can get a list of the FlexPod-related sessions here.

I’ll be attending a “Tweet-N-Greet” on Tuesday at 3pm PST in the Blogger’s Lounge.  I think this is shaping up as a NetApp customer panel / QA sort of thing.  Ought to be fun.

Also on Tuesday, I’ve talked way too much smack to risk missing the Cisco DCV Waffles and Bacon Tweetup.

I’m looking forward to learning a lot next week at Cisco Live, as well as finally meeting so many of the folks I know only via Twitter, email, and blogs.  See you there!

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