Citrix Receiver for Kindle Fire – First Impressions

Evidently Amazon approved the Citrix Receiver in its App store late last night.  I downloaded and installed it today and have put it through its paces for an hour or so today.

Nothing unexpected here; if you’ve used Receiver on an iPhone or iPad, you’ll find this Receiver familiar.  Apps and virtual desktops launch as expected  Something I noticed that strikes me as particularly interesting is that the UI lag I complained about in my review of the Fire is not carried though into the Receiver itself – either when using published applications or a Windows 7 virtual desktop.  Tapping through the Windows Start Menu to launch applications was as quick and responsive as I would expect on my iPad.  That suggests to me that the slow UI on the Fire is most likely the fault of the GUI shell Amazon has wrapped around Android.  I’ve received numerous emails from Android users with both less and more capable hardware and they all believe the Amazon shell to be to blame for the sluggish UI.

Here are a couple of shots of the Receiver in action on my Fire.  I apologize for the low quality and bad angle of the pics.  I’m stunned that Android doesn’t offer an OS-level screen capture function, but I’m not really interested in paying for the single low-rated screen capture app I could find in the Amazon store.


IMG 2151


IMG 2153

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3 Responses to Citrix Receiver for Kindle Fire – First Impressions

  1. merrie priest says:

    Hi Mike, Is this really working for you? I have a user who downloaded from the Kindle Fire App Store and he is not connecting. Thank you.

  2. Mike Stanley says:

    Merrrie, it did work for me while I had the Kindle Fire, yes. I ended up deciding I wasn’t satisfied with the Fire overall, though, and returned it to Amazon for a refund.

    I connected on my Fire via Citrix Receiver to my Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop farms, going through an AGEE hosted on our NetScalers.

    • merrie priest says:

      Thank you Mike. Do you recall if the Citrix Receiver requested any information in addition to: Account Description, Server Address, Domain, Use Gateway (check/uncheck), Gateway Type, Gateway Authentication Type?

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