Quick Geek Shout-out

Still have my nose firmly to the grindstone building my XenDesktop environment, although this was a light week due to some scheduling issues.  Turned out to be a good thing because it gave me some time to catch up on other work I’ve had to mostly ignore for the last month.

I just read a great post by Major Criston Cox about his new XenDesktop environment, which he’s also building on a FlexPod.  He’s virtualizing 4000 desktops in addition to 28 physical servers.  Can’t wait to find out more about it.

Reading the details of Major Cox’s post got me to thinking about our FlexPods.  I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about them as two separate chunks of computing power – the blades on which my XenDesktop environment will run, and the blades on which our general server virtualization / private cloud will run.  I’ve rarely thought of it as a single unit before tonight, and I’ll admit that what got me thinking about it was seeing Major Cox mention his FlexPod having “2 terabytes of RAM and 134 cores of computing power.”

I just went back to my post about our FlexPods and did the math.  Do you remember the Tim Allen sitcom Home Improvement?  That grunting noise he used to make ran through my mind when I tallied up the total computing power in each of our two FlexPods

  • 2.8 terabytes of RAM.
  • 52 physical CPUs
  • 312 cores of computing power
  • 86 terabytes of raw storage
It is so awesome to be doing cool things with great technology.
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3 Responses to Quick Geek Shout-out

  1. friea says:

    Another great post, Mike! Always enjoying seeing something new pop up & especially hearing what jumps out for you in other blogs, articles, etc.

  2. Patrick Beauchene says:

    Holly cow batman…that’s some sick compute power! I cant wait to see the Xendesktops in action!

  3. Cris Cox says:

    Man.. That’s a BEAST! Thanks for the shout out!!!

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