The Man Behind the vCurtain

While I am not as garrulous or descriptive as Mike, I should at least introduce myself. My name is Les and I work as an IT Administrator with Mike, but have only been there for about 5 years; Before that I was in the private sector.

Since starting I have had various duties including administering sendmail and EMC Networker to more recently DNS/DHCP and high performance computing in addition to being the local Linux expert. About three and a half years ago my boss asked if I wanted to play with this new virtualization thing, and of course I said yes. We started with a single host running VMware Server and have since graduated to 72 hosts (including the new Flexpods) running vSphere4. I enjoy the challenges and strive to automate myself into the unemployment line, but as long as there are challenges I am having fun.

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  1. friea says:

    Hey Les, pleasure to (virtually) meet you. Looking forward to reading more about your experiences & adventures. Cheers from SF!

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